Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well, that went fast.

The month of June is about at its end, and my 25th year with it. The end of June also marks, I believe, the one-year anniversary of me cutting my hair. There are a couple of reasons it's lasted this long. Jackie liked it longer, then I started liking it, then my barber moved to San Fran (I guarantee it would have been at least trimmed by now otherwise), then it became legendary, then it became sort of a challenge to myself. How long will it last? Who knows, I still dig it, though it is starting to get hot, and Jackie may cut it in my sleep. Time will tell I suppose.

I've been doing pretty well training-wise, minus the past week that I spent golfing with my family in Maryland (awesome!), and having a lot of fun this month. Highlights include the kick off of the BGA season (ok it was May 30th, but I'm still taking it), seeing Greg Paluska's brother playing rockstar at a 3Oh!3 concert (along with the band's stuffed wolves with lasers for eyes and swivelling heads), celebrating the return of Bridger and Matt from their exile (complete with requisite hangovers) , My early birthday party at St. Arnold's (complete with Beer Olympics), 90 holes of golf in 5 days (complete with golf glove tan). But the training has also been there this month. And, very recently (see: yesterday) I got some new pedals for my bike. Some Speedplay light-action clips that are very awesome, and very different from what I'm used to. Red lights are going to become even more the bane of my existence, and I'll probably take a spill or two because of them. But, the feeling of riding clipped into your bike is incredible. I have much more control and fluidity than ever before, and going uphill is so much easier that I'm thankful I live in Houston and have so many to contend with (see: sarcasm). Hopefully this will make the bike section that much easier on race-day. That's all for now. Crazy July coming up, hope to stay fit.

Miles covered so far:

Biking: 1240.32

Running: 320.87

Swimming: 63.95

Friday, June 4, 2010

World Cup!

A week of rest and relaxation following the half-ironman was a much needed respite. I spent the entire week following the race doing no training whatsoever. It was beautiful, I enjoyed the extra time the day seems to hold when you're not doing anything, and a trip to San Fran. But, I'm back at it, and things down here in Houston are heating up. Hydration and sunscreen are going to become more and more important as the oppressive Houston summer bears down on me, but even more important will be my resolve. We'll see how I stand up to the heat.

But all of that is unimportant now. The World Cup is upon us, and I am excited. I love the games, I love the venues, I love the extreme nationalism wrapped up in enthusiasm for your team. Very few Americans actually like soccer, but give us a them against the world team format to cheer for and we'll get behind it. Just like we did with the Hockey Gold Medal game, congrats Canada you won a game in overtime that 95% of Americans don't know how to play, no one cares anymore. But during the game I'd be lying if I didn't say things and do things to Canadian friends of mine that outside of the context of sport would've destroyed our friendships, and possibly gotten me arrested. But, I digress. The World Cup starts next weekend, and if there's anything Americans love more than an Us against the world setting it's an Us against the Brits setting, and that's just what we get. England has spent the better part of four centuries (Jamestown 1607) looking down their noses at those of us across the pond for absolutely no reason. The arrogance is staggering, especially considering we've spent the better part of 2 and a half centuries kicking their asses in everything. So in preparation for the showdown next weekend I've put together a little presentation detailing the dominance America has enjoyed at England's expense. I call it The History of the World, enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du9cDaQDy8A

Miles covered so far:

Swimming: 55.95

Biking: 1057.47

Running: 281.26