Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Two posts in two weeks, what's going on here? A Lot.

Last weekend kicked off a whirlwind autumn that culminates, hopefully, in ironman glory. It was Jackie's birthday last weekend, and we celebrated in grand style. Wednesday trivia as usual, Thursday a trip to the Continental Club (my first, but certainly not my last), Friday getting lied to by the Internet and winding up at the Porch Swing, and Saturday dining in style at Brennan's (One of the top ten meals I've ever tasted) and finishing up the night at Nouveau Antique Art Bar. I managed to get some decent work in during the weekend despite the distractions, and I only hope I'm as lucky moving forward. Here's a glance of what's going on the next three months.

Sept. 5th - Jaryd and Lindsay's Wedding - Ocean City, NJ

Sept. 10th - Tubing - New Braunfels, TX

Sept. 17th - Vegas with Jackie

Sept. 22nd - The Black Keys

Oct. 2nd - Daniel Tosh

Oct. 9th - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Oct. 16th - New Orleans Bachelor Party

Oct. 23rd - Tobe and Jo's Wedding - Raleigh, NC

Oct. 29th - Interpol

Oct. 30th - Halloween

Nov. 13th - Matt and Staci's Wedding - Here in Houston

Nov. 18th - Leave for the Ironman

Nov. 21st - Complete Quest for Ironmandom

Whew, but not to worry most of those weekends I'll be in Houston and training hard. I'll just be having a ton of fun as well. Also anyone in the Houston area looking for a DD you can contact Greg VanVolkenburg, as my partner in Ironman-crime has gone dry until after the event. Except for the wedding that happens the week before apparently...

Miles Covered So Far:

Swimming: 83.55

Running: 466.41

Biking: 1957.41